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Art Empowers You

We’ve heard about chess being great for the brain.
As a matter of fact, we’ve also heard of checkers, mah-jong and scrabble. You name it!
But here’s some thing that you probably won’t have thought – Art Empowers You too!

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Art Speaks: Your Microphone to the World

Ever felt frustrated because of that daily stress? Or feel like living under a rock due to all the tension? Want to take some time out from the rush?
What better way to let it all go than through art?
That’s right. ART.
How do you make the art speak?

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Art Quotes from Vincent Van Gogh

Let’s start our Monday right with this famous and meaningful quotes from Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who is among the most famous in the history of Western art.

Dreams do come true when you have the initiative to work for it until you reach for it.

Have an amazing week and let your inner artistic-self continue doing what you love!


Art Quotes from Pablo Picasso

Spanish painter Pablo Picasso believes that all children are artists but there is a question, how are you going to remain as an artist once you grow up? All of us here at Artklan believe that we all need to be passionate into it, to remain as an artist. Start young and you’ll definitely achieve something from it!


How to Market Your Art

How to Market Your Art Like an Expert

So you’ve successfully created another masterpiece. The creative juices were flowing, and they ended up pretty nicely on the canvas. It looks absolutely breathtaking. You stand and gaze at the piece, mesmerized. There is absolutely nothing that could go wrong now.

Or can it?

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The Secret to Finding the Artist Within You

Finding the artist within starts with the answers to these questions:

Do you find yourself in a state of a constant urge to create something?

Do you think you have the power to express your creative side that was veiled all this while?

Have you ever received appreciation for a little artistic thing you did at work and your co-workers thought you were an artist or something? Well, let that spark grow. Let it develop into a full-fledged thought of trying your hand at painting or sculpturing, whatever fancies you. We at ArtKlan strive to help you advance in your artistic pursuit. But first, let’s focus on the basics and ask ourselves two important questions.

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Art Exhibition Singapore, Until the Last Tree by Yen Chua

Until the Last Tree by Yen Chua [Art Exhibition]

Our planet our home, Earth: so, precious, rare and one of many celestial bodies that make up this universe. Art Exhibition Until the Last Tree showcases this rarity in its entirety.

Until the Last Tree attempts to present every facet of the planet, along with its uniqueness and beauty.

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Art Quotes: Scott Adams

Art Quotes Scott Adams

An inspirational quote coming from the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, Scott Raymond Adams.

Some great discoveries we have today wouldn’t be possible without undergoing trial and errors. What’s important is to see the value of the mistakes and learn from them. So the next time you try, you can create something better.

Art Quotes: Marc Chagall

Art Quotes: Marc Chagall

Quoted from a Russian-French artist of Belarusian Jewish origin, Marc Chagall. How would you define the meaning of what he said? Share with us in the comment below!

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