The spring blossoms are ready to intoxicate your soul. It’s time to adventure into the beautiful world of art sculptures at Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is easily among the most exotic places on this planet.

Singapore Botanic Gardens are full of surprises where you see intricately shaped garden beds, ponds that have resident lily pads, and most importantly – the intoxicating sculptures that give an artistic touch to the immense beauty of the cultivated nature.

Let’s explore the art sculptures in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

in the world where amazing sculptures welcome you into a world of surprises for your urbanised eyes.

Chang Kuda

Chang Kunda Art Sculpture at Singapore Botanic Gardens

As you start exploring the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Lawn E attracts you with its amazing Chang Kuda sculpture. It was installed in the year 2011 when Asia Pacific Breweries donated it to the garden. Chong Fah Cheong crafted this sculpture to remember the childhood days.

This sculpture is a reminder of the good old carefree days when the kids would come back from their schools and run outside to play. For rest of the day, they would usually play a traditional game called Chang Kuda. The sculpture with this name in the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a reminder of that time.

The game Chang Kuda was popular during the early 1950s and till the late 1970s.


Chopin Art Sculpture

Chopin is yet another sculpture at the Singapore Botanic Gardens that will grab your attention when you visit the park. Polish embassy, with donations from Miroslaw Pienkowski and Halina, donated this sculpture in 2008.

Chopin brings back the memory of the greatest tone poet. The sculpture indicates the love of Polish people for this poet and for the people of Singapore.

Famous sculptor Karol Badyna crafted this masterpiece.

Conversation from Nature

Conversation from Nature Art Sculpture at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Conversation sculpture makes Singapore Botanic Gardens a beautiful place to walk. You will see the sculpture at Heliconia Walk.

It’s another sculpture that symbolises of Singapore’s friendship with other countries. This sculpture was donated by Korean people, and it was installed at the park in the year 2011.

This sculpture has a special meaning as it shows the Rose of Sharon and Vanda Miss Joaquim together, both on each other’s side. The Rose of Sharon is the Korean national flower while Vanda is the national flower of Singapore. This sculpture is a reminder of friendship between the two countries.


Cranes Art Sculpture

Cranes, located inside National Orchid Garden in Singapore Botanic Garden, is a unique sculpture installed in 1995 and donated by Lady Yuen-Peng McNeice. This sculpture shows two beautiful and carefree cranes roaming in the garden.

This sculpture was also a gift to the park, installed at the opening of the National Orchid Garden in 1995. The cranes welcome visitors to this new park, standing at the entrance of the park and surrounded by hundreds of beautiful orchid plants.


Elephant Art Sculpture at Singapore Botanic Gardens

The famous elephant sculpture at the Singapore Botanic Garden is a masterpiece by the famous sculptor Epnraim Churika. This sculpture was installed in the National Orchid Garden in 2003.

The elephant sculpture is famous among visitors who often take out a minute to photograph themselves standing next to the sculpture. The elephant has a friendly face that welcomes visitors and reminds them of the nature of this giant animal.

Fan Palm Fountain

Fan Palm Fountain Art Sculpture

Fan Palm Fountain sculpture by sculptor Garth Bowden was donated by Lady Yuen-Peng McNeice who also donated some other famous sculptures in the park.

The artwork in this sculpture shows water trickling on the fan palms. The background is green and makes a perfect natural fountain in a garden. If you look closely, you will notice that the water trickles down the narrow leaves, helping the sculpture become part of the green nature around.

Farfugium Fountain

Farfugium Fountain

Fargugium Fountain is a masterpiece by a well-known sculptor Dr Humphrey Bowden. This sculpture is among the older sculptures donated by Lady Yuen-Peng McNeice. The sculpture was installed back in 2000.

Farfugium Fountain became a center of attraction after its installation. The beautiful artwork is coupled with an oxide-color water of the fountain that blends perfectly with the surrounding bromeliad plants.

Fifty Wings

Figty Wings Art Sculpture

Dr Helmut Sohmen donated this sculpture in 2015. James Surls is the sculptor behind this artwork.

The sculpture is made from high-quality stainless steel and bronze. It was an inspiration that came from within the garden that led to the crafting of this sculpture. The inspiration was the seed of the Dipterocarp tree.

Fifty Wings has 50 wings, reminding of 50 years of independence of Singapore. That’s one of the reasons this sculpture is famous among visitors who love to take a selfie or two with this artwork when they visit the park.

Flight of Swans

Flight of Swans

Installed in 2006, Flight of Swans is an inspirational artwork by famous sculptor Eng Siak Loy. You will notice this sculpture immediately when you go closer to the Swan Lake at Tanglin Entrance.

This artwork reminds visitors of freedom, prosperity, and flight of imaginations as you see swans taking on a flight from the lake.

The sculptor has used bronze to cast out this masterpiece standing at the water in Singapore Botanic Garden.

Girl on a Bicycle

Girl on a Bycycle

One of the oldest, Girl on a Bicycle is one of the bigger sculptures at the Singapore Botanic Garden. The girl seen in this sculpture is a symbol of carefree living. If you watch closely, you will notice that the girl has lifted her feet off the pedals, indicating her happy mood.

This sculpture was installed in the park in 1987, and it’s located in the famous Lawn O. David Marshal donated this artwork to the park.

Girl on a swing

Girl on a Swing

Quite similar to the Girl on a Bicycle, this sculpture is another reminder of the joys of life. The local girl on the bicycle is wearing traditional local clothes, reminding us of the surrounding simplicity. She is swinging amongst the brightly-colored and beautiful flowers.

This sculpture symbolizes freedom, joy, and friendship with nature. David Marshal gifted this life-size artwork to the garden. David Marshal has also made numerous other donations to the garden such as Girl on a Bicycle.

You will find this sculpture standing next to Girl on a Bicycle, in Lawn O.


Joy Art Sculptures at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Joy is another mesmerizing sculpture at the Singapore Botanic Garden that brings us happiness and joy. It’s a sculpture where a naked mother is holding her newborn baby up in the air, providing support through her arms, and helping the child see the world from a higher perspective.

The sculpture is artwork by Ruth Bloch. A group of people who didn’t want to reveal their identity offered this artwork as a gift to the garden.

This 2.1-meter tall sculpture celebrates love and joy in life. The sculpture has been spreading happiness and joy among the visitors since 2005.

Lady on a Hammock

Lady on Hammock

Lady on a Hammock, donated by David Marshal, came to the Singapore Botanic Garden in 1990. You can see the sculpture at the famous Lawn J.

The Lady on a Hammock was a gift for the garden on its 130th anniversary. It provides fantastic view especially when the surrounding flowers at their full bloom.

Little Girl with Shell

Little Girl with the Shell Art Sculpture

This sculpture is located at the Yuen-Peng McNeice Bromeliad House. David Marshal donated this artwork while Vanessa Marston designed the sculpture.

The garden authorities installed this sculpture in 2001 next to the famous Farfugium Fountain. It shows a little girl picking out shells from the water, reminding us human brain’s curiosity to interact with nature.


Mystree Art Sculptures at Singapore Botanic Gardens