Month: December 2016

17 Intoxicating Art Sculptures at Singapore Botanic Gardens

The spring blossoms are ready to intoxicate your soul. It’s time to adventure into the beautiful world of art sculptures at Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is easily among the most exotic places on this planet.

Singapore Botanic Gardens are full of surprises where you see intricately shaped garden beds, ponds that have resident lily pads, and most importantly – the intoxicating sculptures that give an artistic touch to the immense beauty of the cultivated nature.

Let’s explore the art sculptures in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Want to become an international artist? Start your education with these best fine art schools in Singapore

Singapore’s art scene is thriving with art galleries all over the country, facilitating art schools to nurture young artists. So, if you are an aspiring artist, Singapore could be your next destination.

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