Our planet our home, Earth: so, precious, rare and one of many celestial bodies that make up this universe. Art Exhibition Until the Last Tree showcases this rarity in its entirety.

Until the Last Tree attempts to present every facet of the planet, along with its uniqueness and beauty.

Art Exhibition - Until the Last Tree

Until the last Tree (Rhino), March 2016 (Charcoal & ink on watercolour paper)

Yen is inspired by the continuous cycle of birth, maturity and death that is inherent in all of Mother Nature’s works of Art: human beings, birds, plants, and even mountains, rivers and seas. How all these are interconnected and interdependent is a marvel to Yen Chua; she terms it ‘miraculous’.

Art Exhibition Until the last Tree by Yen Chua

Until the last Tree (Eagle), March 2016 (Charcoal & ink on watercolour paper)

In Yen Chua’s work, Until the Last Tree, she encourages us to live in harmony with the world. To cherish it lovingly. To protect it like the treasured gift that it is, meant to be passed down from generation to generation. She highlights the fragility and ephemerality of our time on the planet – how we are so entirely dependent on this vast mechanism of life called the ecosystem.

Until the Last Tree by Yen Chua

Until the last Tree (Vaquita), March 2016 (Charcoal & ink on watercolor paper)

The pictures above are all depictions of Until the Last Tree. One notices the black and white nature of the paintings. These colours don’t make the overall presentation boring; far from it, they seem to accentuate Yen’s focus on all things natural. Her attention to detail can be noted in the boat in this last picture, and the single tree that stands tall and proud on the hill-tops. These hill-tops are being hugged ever so tenderly by a woman. One can venture a guess that this must be Mother Nature.

Though the pictures may appear to be of a feminist nature, they make one wonder how nature has a truly feminine touch. Everything is so gentle and calm. Yen’s struggle to imbibe a sense of preservation and conservation in the viewers is apparent through her constant use of dense colored animals that are being watched over by Gaia.

But who is Gaia? Gaia – the word is derived from the Greek word γαια (gaia), which is parallel in form to the word γη (ge), which means ‘earth’. Greek mythology claims that Gaia was the mother goddess who ruled Earth. Her mate was Uranus, and she was the mother of the Titans and the Cyclopes.

Art Exhibition Singapore, Until the Last Tree by Yen Chua

Gaia 1, February 2015 (Charcoal & ink on watercolor paper)

Your curiosity must be piqued.

Let’s elaborate by introducing the brains behind these wondrous pieces of art.

Yen Chua, Artist, Art Therapist & Educator

Yen Chua - Artist, Art Therapist, & Educator

Yen Chua – Artist, Art Therapist, & Educator

Yen Chua has overlooked several solo and group exhibitions. She portrays images of the surreal realm which reflect her varying mental states and dreams. Treasuring the ecosystem, regarding it as a delicate thing that requires our constant attention,  She strives continuously for perfection and enlightenment. She teaches art and holds workshops on art and therapy.

Yen pushes forward by introducing each element of nature to us in beautiful shades of black and white.

Yen has nurtured young artists at prestigious institutions such as Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, the National Institute of Education, LASALLE College of the Arts, and Temasek Polytechnic. And if you thought her focus was only on expressing herself through her art, here’s something new. She has also catered to people with social and emotional issues, as well as prisoners, hospitalized persons, children with special needs, elderly people, teens with behavioral issues, and even cancer patients. Such is her generosity and kindness.

Yen Chua dreamt of being an artist since the tender age of seven. People around her tried to convince her that art was either a poor man’s career or a rich man’s dream. Disheartened, she chose to pursue a degree in Business Studies from the Hawaii Pacific University in 1991. But Yen’s dreams engulfed her; realizing that she was running away from the true purpose of her existence, she finally took the one bold step. She decided to drop the Business degree and transferred to the San Francisco Art Institute. Her mother was devastated at the news and nearly disowned her. Not letting this hold her back, Yen began working a part-time job to help her through her art studies. She graduated in 1993 and held her first solo exhibition at the Empress Place Museum (which is now the Asian Civilisation Museum).

After teaching for many years, she began to pursue a Master’s degree to qualify as an Art Therapist. She is now an established independent practicing artist, having held exhibitions in Singapore, the USA, and China.

With such incredible experience (and no dearth of talent either), Yen Chua pushes forward by introducing each element of nature to us in beautiful shades of black and white. But to know more about her paintings and works, you will have to visit her upcoming exhibit.

That’s right – Yen Chua is holding an exhibition of Gaia in her differing personas. The exhibit has been christened Until the Last Tree. We love how it reflects the greed of man to use up every last resource – hence, Until the Last Tree. We’ll make paper, smoke cigarettes, pollute and consume until the last fish has been caught, until the last drop of water has dried up, until the last tree has been cut down.

Art  Exhibition Details

The exhibit is from the 24th of August to the 3rd of September, 2017. It’s going to be held at the Utterly Art Gallery (20B Mosque Street Level 3, 059500 Singapore). Since it’s a solo artist’s exhibition, the show is going to be a solo-show with mixed-media paintings on Mother Earth, her preservation and her nurture. If you’re looking to attend, you might want to take an appointment first (from Mondays to Saturdays, it’s afternoon to 8 pm. And on Sunday, it’s 12 pm to 5:30 pm. Call Keng Hock at the following number to book an appointment: 94872006). The cherry on top is the entry fee: it is non-existent. That’s right, you can enter and view Yen Chua’s mesmerizing work for free.

Why wait any longer? Why put off viewing the world, all of nature, and all the treasures it has to offer, through the eyes of an incisive young individual? Why lose this beautiful connection we have with each other through art and its various depictions?

Come join us from the 24th of August to the 3rd of September.

We are excited to welcome you as much as you are excited to be part of Until the Last Tree and don’t forget to connect with Yen Chua on Facebook and Instagram.