Are you an art enthusiast? Do you want to go beyond the habit of just observing and appreciating art? Do you want to buy art all for yourself? So that you can set it in your house and marvel at it for hours? Do you want to purchase art that is not only valuable but also affordable? On the other hand, are you someone who creates art and would like to exhibit it to people who really care? Are you an up-and-coming painter or sculptor or visual artist who would like to kick off his/her career through one of the biggest and most anticipated festivals in Singapore? Let us introduce you the Affordable Art Fair Singapore, with its Spring Edition 2017 running from April 7 to April 9 at F1 Pit Building in 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore – 038975.

About Affordable Art Fair

The Affordable Art Fair is a contemporary art fair that is organized annually in various parts of the world. Since its first edition in 1999 when it took place in London’s nature-kissed Battersea Park, the fair has come a long way. It has proven to be a dependable platform for both artists and art lovers to indulge in unabashed creativity and imagination. It has given new artists a reliable and authoritative stage to showcase their first creations without having to worry about the reception.

Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2017 - By ArtKlan

ArtKlan Recommends Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2017

What started with less than 10,000 enthusiasts in that English nature park about two decades ago has now transformed into an international extravaganza that sees more than 200,000 people attending it on a yearly basis. People get together to buy affordable art from a wide range that is exhibited by artists and galleries from around the globe. Whether it is contemporary paintings or modern sculptures that you are interested in, the Affordable Art Fair has everything for everybody. And you don’t even have to worry about the budget.

Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Girl with a Pearl Earring and a Ginger Cat – Svetlana Petrova

According to their website, the management of the Affordable Art Fair has held more than 230 fairs around the world in cities such as Singapore, Stockholm, Brussels, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam. Artworks worth about $400 million have been sold so far. The international audience now highly anticipate the fair, and with each passing year, the madness surrounding it becomes stronger than ever. Thanks to affordability and novelty – two factors that bring new artists and mature art lovers together in a single space.

Affordable Art Fair Singapore – Why You Should Attend?

It is one of the biggest and most crowded fairs in Singapore, with people finally opening their purses to splurge on art. As we have previously covered in ArtKlan about the art industry facing a slump in the country, it is true that expensive art still has no takers. Regardless of the sculpture or painting’s essence and solidity, buyers are still wary about spending a bomb on “stuff” that is not going to benefit them in any specific way even as the country’s economy sees an unprecedented downward curve.

This trend has to stop, and Singaporeans can take inspiration from their contemporaries in New York and London. Here where art is not only appreciated through fairs and shows and exhibitions, but also bought and bragged about. In these cities, possessing a valuable piece of art is considered a lifestyle option and privilege. It is used as an accessory to style one’s house or mansion.

The Affordable Art Fair Singapore aims to break this trend. It intends to urge enthusiasts to be receptive of art, both aesthetically and economically. It is directed at both seasoned collectors and first-time buyers-cum-explorers.

The Spring 2017 Edition

Held between April 7 and April 9, the Spring 2017 Edition of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore will be hosting a total of 50 galleries that include more than 300 emerging artists from various parts of the world. With a range of original contemporary art to be sold at a price range of SG $100 and SG $15,000, you can hope to find sculptures by millennial creators and household populars, limited edition prints perfect for your home interiors, figurative paintings for your office or as corporate gifts, and abstract art that will stimulate and tingle your perceptive senses like never before. 75% of the exhibits will be priced under SG $7,500, giving you a great opportunity to finally get a modern painting to hang in that empty bedroom wall. It will go beautifully with the new carved walls of your living room. Your spouse will be happy, we promise.

Affordable At Fair Singapore

This painting on canvas is one of the cheapest artworks on display at the fair

The April edition will also have exhibits from well-known artists. Some of them will also be allowed to showcase their work in the Winter 2017 Edition. It is scheduled to take place in November for which the registrations are still open.

Affordable Art Fair Singapore

An exhibit at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Affordable Art Fair Singapore

A work by Kim Won Geun

Fair Hours

The exhibits will be already installed when you visit the fair on April 7, 2017. Visitors can enter the fair from noon and also opt for Special Evening. It will resume on Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM, and go on till early evening.

Fair Ticket Prices

You can easily buy tickets through their online and offline portals. Just visit their website and click on the “Buy Fair Tickets” option in the homepage. Tickets will also be sold at the entry gate offline. Students and senior citizens can avail of discounts upon showing valid proofs.

The tickets are priced between $10 and $25. A standard advance ticket for one person for all three days can be bought at $15. Same tickets sold at the entry will cost you $3 more.

You can also buy #ArtHappy Evening tickets at $20 ($25 during door sales).

For more information, check out this link – Tickets for Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Note – If you are under 16 years, entry to the art fair is free.


How to Buy the Perfect Art for Yourself?

With so many exhibits and artists to choose from, we are sure it will be a bit overwhelming for you.

Sourced from the Affordable Art Fair Singapore’s own manual, here are some pro tips to help you through:

  • Keep a clear mind about your purchase and intentions. Know where and how you will be using the art
  • Create a shortlist of the best works and then decide. But, make it quick lest someone else will pick the best one up
  • Talk to the gallerists and engage in conversations. Talking can always solve problems, and not just in art fairs
  • If you have a good idea about your requirements, jot down the rough measurements. It will become easier to narrow down your selection.

So, go sign up now and treat yourself with some great and affordable art. Affordable paintings in Singapore are finally going to be a reality.


The Affordable Art Fair Singapore is going to be visited by a large number of exhibitors and expected guests. Visitors can hope to finally purchase a piece of modern art that is pocket-friendly. ArtKlan recommends you to visit the fair at least on one of the days. Not just because we care about the industry, but because it is really going to be a spectacular art show. See you there!

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