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Art Empowers You

We’ve heard about chess being great for the brain.
As a matter of fact, we’ve also heard of checkers, mah-jong and scrabble. You name it!
But here’s some thing that you probably won’t have thought – Art Empowers You too!

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Don’t know what Artklan is About?

what is artklan

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Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Why You Should Attend the Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Are you an art enthusiast? Do you want to go beyond the habit of just observing and appreciating art? Do you want to buy art all for yourself? So that you can set it in your house and marvel at it for hours? Do you want to purchase art that is not only valuable but also affordable? On the other hand, are you someone who creates art and would like to exhibit it to people who really care? Are you an up-and-coming painter or sculptor or visual artist who would like to kick off his/her career through one of the biggest and most anticipated festivals in Singapore? Let us introduce you the Affordable Art Fair Singapore, with its Spring Edition 2017 running from April 7 to April 9 at F1 Pit Building in 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore – 038975.

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