Finding the artist within starts with the answers to these questions:

Do you find yourself in a state of a constant urge to create something?

Do you think you have the power to express your creative side that was veiled all this while?

Have you ever received appreciation for a little artistic thing you did at work and your co-workers thought you were an artist or something? Well, let that spark grow. Let it develop into a full-fledged thought of trying your hand at painting or sculpturing, whatever fancies you. We at ArtKlan strive to help you advance in your artistic pursuit. But first, let’s focus on the basics and ask ourselves two important questions.

How Can One Begin Finding the Artist Within Oneself?

finding the artist within you

Inside a museum.

The right side of the human brain is the creative one. If you are trying to discover your artistic abilities, it would be better to start with understanding where your focus lies. Were you a marvelous drawer in high school? Are you more inclined towards the visual arts? Do you think avant-garde is an exciting field? Different people are going to have different inclinations, and hence, it is important to listen to your heart at this stage.

Starting Up

Museum building for finding the successful artists

Museum building.

Starting up may seem daunting if you have never used your artistic abilities. And for this to happen, you must concentrate on spending more time with art. Were you an avid museum visitor who used to follow the various Singapore art festivals before losing yourself in the tech industry? In a way, this transition from an avid art festival person to a tech professional who does not find time to explore art may be the number one reason you lost touch. In order to restart, you must go back to where your passions lie. Starting with one of the Singapore art festivals in 2017 should be the way to go.

Reading about art, following contemporary artists on social media, going to art meetings, and attending social gatherings related to the arts are few ways in which you can rejuvenate your trapped feelings.

Resuming the Passion

finding the passionate artist within you

Paints and brushes.

On the other hand, if you were already a small-time artist before, diving back to your previous life will be easier. You just need to find the time to focus on art. Do you have our old paintings or photographs boxed in the attic? It’s time to open it up and revisit your passion.

Even if you own a job completely unrelated to the arts, you should try not to detach yourself, or you risk slipping into oblivion. Take, for example, the case of Koh Chaik Hong, who studied fine arts at the Nanyang Academy but now works for the National Service (NS). Although his current focus is on NS, he invests time for photography in the weekends and hopes to take it up full-time once he’s done with his current aspiration. According to Vulcan Post, Hong has already collected few awards for his landscape photographs.

General Tips to Find the Artist Within You

Help you bring out the artist within you

A man staring at a painting.

Here is a list of general tips that we believe will aid you in your attempt to regain your affection for art:

  • Getting engrossed in the arts by visiting festivals, museums, and gardens
  • Expressing your inner artistic abilities in your daily life (help your kid with her art project, teaching arts to others, volunteering for art workshops, etc.)
  • Take risks
  • Making art a side career while your primary job pays the bills
  • Revisiting your passions when you were an adolescent

How can One Adopt Art as a Career?

A group of artists in discussion.

We have talked briefly about awakening our artistic abilities, but what next? Getting into and learning the arts the traditional way (i.e. through art schools) is a good way to sharpen your skills. A lot of artists in Singapore have taken basic education in the arts and went on to bag awards in different festivals around the world.

Singapore-born artist Joo Choon Lin has been in the scene for close to a decade now. She was won multiple awards from different Singapore festivals and credits her achievements to her degree Master of Fine Arts that she received from the Glasgow School of Art. Getting a conventional education in the arts field is highly recommend if you are serious about taking it up as a career.

For example, the LASALLE College of the Arts is one of the biggest and most reputed art colleges in Singapore. Majority of its alumni are the top artists of today’s generation and are continuing to represent their country in international festivals. Additionally, as per a report released in 2016, the college claimed that more than 70% of its students received employment opportunities within six months of graduation.

This is reassuring because most people have this doubt – whether they will receive any formal experience in the field that will help catapult their career. As we already know that the current state of Singapore looks bright enough to jump into it right now, individuals who are thinking of trying their hand in artistry should make the move soon. It is a great time now, even as the government comes to the assistance of up and coming artists.

If you are looking for more information about colleges that offer relevant courses, you may want to check out our post on the top art colleges in Singapore. Even LASALLE has a chain of schools for you to choose from. For aspiring fashion designers, there is the School of Fashion; and people interested in fine arts can enroll into the McNally School of Fine Arts. The large number of diploma, degree, and certificate programmes are a notification that LASALLE is one of the finest academies in the country.


Moreover, there is no shortage of avenues where you as an artist can showcase your work. ArtKlan covers all festivals and events related to the arts throughout the year. So, if you are interested, you can always drop by this website to get latest news, tips, and advice to start your career in this shimmering niche of a field. Being an artist is a matter of luxury in today’s world as there is clearly a shortage of people who are not perturbed by an industry that motivates expression of the purest of human feelings.

Start now before it’s too late. Follow ArtKlan and we’ll help you with your search to finding the artist within you.

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