So you’ve successfully created another masterpiece. The creative juices were flowing, and they ended up pretty nicely on the canvas. It looks absolutely breathtaking. You stand and gaze at the piece, mesmerized. There is absolutely nothing that could go wrong now.

Or can it?

Where to Begin?

Sure, you created a stellar piece, but how do you promote it now? How do you market this brilliant piece of inspiration? More importantly, how do you market it like an expert? How do you deftly make sure your art is reaching all the right people: touching their hearts, shaking their souls, making them crave for more.

So if you’re wondering how on earth you can get your art pieces across, keeping their messages and values intact, you have come to the right place. We won’t just tell you how to market your art effectively: we’re going to tell you how to market it the smart way.

Here are some tips on how to market your art expertly. You are bound to find a few that will not only attract fellow art enthusiasts but also keep them coming back for more.

Provide the best customer service and guarantees.

how to market your art

(Photo Credit: Clarendon Square )

This includes making sure your customer is treated in the proper manner.
Show them that you care about them. Make them feel that their opinions are truly being valued and not being overlooked.

Remember, this is not a retail store with your artistic creations being put up like a product. These are masterpieces you have created. They are limited in number.
The customer must realize this! And it is your job to make them feel like they’re walking away with the deal of their lives.

Put up the best guarantees.

Yes, this means promoting your art using (for example) return policies, or exchange policies. If a customer decides he likes another piece more, he can bring it back and get a refund, or get another piece in exchange.

Basically, better customer service, along with honest guarantees and policies.
Again, this is going to show the customers that you actually care about them. You’re willing to go all out for their ultimate satisfaction. You understand their needs and change in moods and perceptions. You are willing to adjust yourself according to them.

What more does a customer want?

Reviews and ratings.

They matter.

No matter how much you try to convince yourself that art is all about self-expression and ‘being yourself’; at the end of the day, you have to make a sale.
And to sell it, you need that stamp of approval. Whether it is a review by a famous art critic or a recommendation, flaunt it.

To state the obvious, make sure it is a positive rating though!

Be careful with the prices.

Now if you have already reached the epitome of Art Industry then you might be charging hundred and thousands of dollars for your priceless artwork.

All of us would love to get higher prices for the artwork we produce. But you can’t put your material out there, complete with a hefty price tag, and expect to attract customers right away!

Begin slowly: find out what fellow artists are charging. And start slowly raising prices from there. There’s NO need to start with exorbitant rates. Start small, then raise the rates gradually as your reputation is established.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise.

how to market your art

A cute little sculpture proudly showing off a trophy.

Promote yourself as an artist. You know you have the talent, now you only have to market it. Show people you are an expert in the field by means of your website, your social media profile, regular content writing about your arts.

You can leverage social media ads, search engine ads, traditional print media ads for your important events and artwork.

If there are any awards you have received, or any articles that have been written about you; your accomplishments, education, etc. Include them strategically in your ads.

Keep. Promoting. Yourself.

how to market your art
Art Scrapbook

You can create a portfolio. Participate in art competitions. Build networks with fellow artists (healthy competition! Be active in art organizations and community events.) This would increase your outreach and later it can be leveraged in healthy and meaningful ways.

If this does not satisfy you, you can market your art via promotional galleries. This could be super helpful for your artistic career and image. Especially if the gallery is a well-established and reputable one.

If you have a limited budget, no worries. This is the 21st century. Digital media is ruling, and advertising via Google or Facebook is not all that expensive. Whatever works best for you; the options are all out there!

Make people aware of your creative process.

An artist at work.

Sometimes, marketing requires getting a little personal. Especially with the experts.
So yes, get the word across. Do you get your ideas in the shower? Or maybe a certain jingle set the creative juices flowing? Was it an ancient memory, treasured for so long and suddenly remembered?

Whatever the trigger, make pictures or videos about the process and share it.
This way, you’ll connect with your audience on a personal level. They’ll see you as an ordinary fellow human being who is only trying to share his/her views of the world.

And once they do, they’ll be more attracted to your art. To your feelings. To your thought process. To you.

Clarify whatever goes into your art.

how to market your art

Art materials.

Whether you use only blacks and whites, or whether you’re a huge fan of the brightest, most garish colors: make sure the message gets across. Fellow art enthusiasts should know what you love working with.

Maybe there’s a certain brand of paints you use? Maybe you only work with a certain type of paper? Regardless, nobody knows this better than you, and it is your task to get the information across.

Uncomfortable with written expressions? Freelancing has made this easy as well. Just hire a content writer, and they can get the writing job done for you.
After all, you’re the expert.

Treat your own art with respect.

(Photo Credit: The Lantern)

Show your customers that you respect your own work and creativity. Before putting them up for display, make sure they are clean by wiping or dusting them. Put some gloves on before you handle your art. Try to outline methods to properly care for the artwork if you’re looking to sell the art: this way the customer will know how to properly care for the art pieces.

Get expert advice.

Never be afraid to ask questions. Get possible options and valuable opinions from art experts. Who could have better tips and suggestions? Don’t let your ego get in the way. It takes guts to admit where you are weak and where you could improve yourself.

Discuss the problems your art is solving.

(Photo Credit: Heather Day)

Or the new views it is presenting.Are you centered on environmental issues? Or perhaps your art reflects some aspect of society (such as gender disparities or the rise in drug abuse, especially amongst teenagers).

Whatever it is, make sure you highlight your viewpoints. Make sure the crux of your work gets across. The people enjoying your art should see things from your viewpoint. What are your opinions? How do you see the world? What makes your art stand out?


Whatever method you choose to employ: as an expert, it should go without saying that promoting and marketing your artwork is a must.The easy part is done – you did what you do best. You put your thoughts in physical form by creating a gem. But it’s the marketing that could really get to the most expert of artists.

Hey, it’s not so hard either. You could follow these tips – some may not work well for you (given your specific art style), but some could truly boost your art pieces.
Make sure you explore all options – look around and go for whatever suits you best.

But make sure you market your art right. It could literally be the difference between what could make or break you. A lot of things depend on how well you market it: your reputation, your worth, customer loyalty – you name it.

Some even claim that marketing is an art in itself. Take it as a challenge! Think of art as some sort of extension to the artwork. You don’t just stop where the paints finish and your brush dries up. You stop when you get that art out in the open.

In the best manner possible.

Push yourself. Drive yourself to the best.

You know you can do it.

Let us know what you think. Are there any expert tips we may have missed out? Anything new to add? Something to remove? What worked best for you?
Do leave a comment! We’d love to hear from your personal experiences!

Stay Tuned


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