Singapore’s art scene is thriving with art galleries all over the country, facilitating art schools to nurture young artists. So, if you are an aspiring artist, Singapore could be your next destination.

Singapore has one of the best fine art schools in south east asia.

Since, government and private art schools are offering top quality education for aspiring artists, Singapore is a heaven for students of visual and performing arts. Additionally, these schools offer numerous scholarships to help students pay off the tuition cost.

It’s time to explore the best fine art schools in Singapore. Below is the list of top fine art schools in Singapore.

3 Best Fine Art School in Singapore

1- Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts – NAFA

NAFA - nanyang academy of fine arts

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore is one of the finest art schools in Asia. It offers various diplomas, part-time courses, degree programs, and programs focused on young artists.

NAFA is also offering Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in the following disciplines.

  • Spatial design
  • Graphic communication
  • 3D design (new practice)
  • Fine Arts
  • Fashion
  • Creative industry management
  • Theater art
  • Fashion and marketing.

Students can also enroll in Bachelor of Music (Hons) at NAFA.

For information about different courses offered at NAFA, explore the curriculum guideline.

A great learning environment for young artists

Young artists and children with an exceptional talent can enroll for various courses at the School of Young Talent at NAFA. It offers the following courses.

  • Kinder Art
  • Children’s art vacation courses
  • Courses for gifted young artists
  • Music and dance classes for children

Pay your tuition fee through scholarships and awards

NAFA offers various scholarships for financially struggling students. Last year, the institution gave away 165 awards and scholarships to students. For more information about financial assistance for needy students, visit the following links.

International collaborations bring international degree programs to Singapore

NAFA has collaborated with five different universities in the UK. These include the following.

  • Loughborough University
  • University of East London
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • Royal College of Music London
  • The University of Essex.

2- School of the Arts Singapore – SOTA

School of the Arts - SOTA

The School of the Arts (SOTA) specializes in pre-tertiary arts. The school offers a curriculum that brings both arts and academics together into a single six-year program. It leads to IB and career-related programs for young aspiring artists.

Scholarships and financial assistance at SOTA

At SOTA, students can receive financial support. The following programs are available this year.

  • The NAK Scholarship Program: The NAK offers up to 100% school fee awards and other allowances and benefits. This scholarship is available for all students, disregard of their nationality.
  • David Marshall Scholarship: This scholarship offers from 50% to 100% of tuition fee, depending on their household income. Unfortunately, international students can’t avail this scholarship program.
  • David Marshall Scholarship for Young Artists: Young students can pay up to 100% of their tuition fee along with other financial rewards through this award. This financial assistance is only available for Singaporean citizens and permanent residents.

For detailed information about financial aid for students, visit this page.

The best school for gifted young artists

SOTA is a great place for specially gifted and talented young artists. Because of the IB diploma programs, the young and aspiring artists can cultivate emotional and intellectual strengths by studying six different subject groups. Additionally, the IB program includes compulsory learning of at least two languages so that students can explore foreign cultures and better understand the artistic diversity in the world.

In addition to international education, students enrolled in IB program at SOTA are required to study the Theory of Knowledge and Creativity as a subject. As a result, students are able to develop a better worldview as an artist and a broad understanding of the arts.

For more information about SOTA ID program, visit this page.

Career-related and integrated learning programs for diverse learning for young minds

During the year 5 and 6 of IB, students are offered an IB Career-related program that helps them learn in a challenging environment through the study of applied knowledge, critical thinking, and engagement with other cultures.

SOTA also offers integrated arts program. Due to this unique program, students learn and grow in a particular artistic environment as they are introduced to special art disciplines. It allows students to deepen their learning in different academic fields as well as art disciplines.

Arts Excellence Program for advanced learning

Students at SOTA can also enroll in Arts Excellence Program (AEP). This program provides opportunities for advanced learning so that outstanding artists can further improve their skills. Additionally, the program offers master classes and workshops that help students learn from top artists in the world.

Learn music as an art form at SOTA

Students interested in learning music will get a chance to learn it as an art form, not only as a subject. As a result of this unique learning approach, students will explore all aspects of music from theory to analysis and composition. Besides, SOTA provides numerous performance opportunities and music workshops that lead them to concerts.

To learn more about careers at SOTA, explore Careers at official SOTA website.

3- LASALLE College of the Arts


LASALLE College of the Arts has been offering contemporary arts education in various disciplines. As a result, the school has gained fame for nurturing some of the best artists of the region.

Choose your path as an artist at LASALLE

LASALLE offers diversity, progressiveness, and inspirations for artists who are looking to expand their understanding of the arts through formal education.

So, whether you are looking to establish yourself as an art director, a Broadway performer, a movie director, or a fashion designer, LASALLE has the right environment and curriculum for you.

  • Experience practice-led learning through creative collisions.
  • Enjoy being a creative individual through constant encouragement and progressive environment.
  • All programs taught at LASALLE are developed by the school.
  • Live 24/7 as an artist with art focused on-campus activities including performances, concerts, art markets, and exhibitions.

Diverse and original academic programs for students with different academic requirements

Nearly half of the students and lecturers are from foreign countries. They offer a truly international environment for learning cultural diversity and developing a deep understanding of various global cultures.

Moreover, famous global art celebrities such as Peter Fonda, Robert Wilson, and David Puttnam regularly visit and lecture the students at LASALLE.

At LASALLE, you can enroll in an academic program of your choice. The school offers the following programs.

  • Certificates: The school offers foundation Certificate in Visual Arts and Certificate in the English Language For the Creative Arts.
  • Diplomas: It includes Diploma in animation, audio production, broadcast media, dance, design communication, fashion, interior design, fine arts, music, technical & production management, and a diploma in performance.
  • BA (Hons): Students at LASALLE can enroll in BA (Hons) Interior design, musical theater, music, and product design.
  • Postgraduate: The school offers various postgraduate programs such as MA Asian art histories, MA art therapy, MA fine arts, MA arts pedagogy and practice, MA arts and cultural management, MA design, and MA creative writing.
  • Short Courses: Additionally, you can also enroll in different short courses at this art school. LASALLE offers short courses in categories such as personal development, skill building, master classes, summer classes, and preparatory classes. All short courses are taught by the regular and full-time teaching staff and visiting artists.

Additionally, visit this page for more information about admission and academic programs at LASALLE.

Scholarships and financial awards for deserving students

LASALLE helps financially struggling students to pay their tuition fee by offering various awards. Following financial aid schemes are open for enrollment this year.

  • Scholarship for new students
  • Scholarship for current students
  • Public scholarships

Furthermore, students can visit this page to find eligibility criteria and value & tenure for these scholarships.


You need a lot of practice to become a top artist but finding the right art school is important.

The time you spend at a top art school with other artists and mentors will help you refine your skills.

So, are you ready to bring out the artist in you?